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Monday, August 30, 2010


So I think you all know what Viernes means, but if you dont it means FRIDAY! :)

Friday was my first day of work!!! As I said in the previous blog, i got a new job. I was obviously very very nervous. I personally hate feeling lost, notknowing what im doing. And anybody whos had a job knows that the first day you are pretty much clueless. So my job only allows licensed proffesionals to shop. Which is a good thing, but also intimidating. I'm not a certified stylist, i havent gone o school for it; though its one of my goals. So the customers would come in knowing what they needed but wanting to know what is better. We are owned by L'oreal:) We dont carry just regular hair product you'd see at Walmart or Target, or even your regular beauty supply store. So it was definitely itimidating!!! But with God on my side Im sure I'll get it soon!! So I have work again on wednesday which I'm super excited about, we shall see how it goes. By the way, the was the only important part of my weekend. Blah....I wasnt able to make it to the conquest friday or the impact team on saturday, which absolutely sucked. Sunday was really good though. Unfortunately, the sermons are over. But man they were so good!!!!


  1. Ok so when I asked how work was going, I haden't read this blog yet, tehe. Hey imma send u some $ and u can send me some cool products mk mk!! Lol jk, I'll just pay like a gazillion dollars for it here, poo! I'm sure you'll get the hang of everything soon with God on your side. I'm still praying for a job to happen for myself to! So frustrating. Ugh I should just write a blog titled "To:Maria From:Val" Lol and explain everything going on. Love you Mia!

  2. i know im so excited, i still cant purchase anything cause i need an account and its still not open:/ theres so many things i want already...ahhhh.

    but yera, i hate feeling like idk anything, it stinksss!!!

    i miss you. and please start a blog. PLEASE?!?!?!?!

    it would be so cute, letters from Val:))

  3. If I worked there I would go crazy wanting everything! Robb still doesn't understand why I keep buying new shampoo and condish before I finish other ones. I have hair product ADD. Lol you'll learn fast though cause ur super smart! Ok imma try and start a blog ;)

  4. dude i can imagine, theres just so many choices!!!! ahhh:/ and i can imagine you have an addiction!!!

    i mean you have an addiction with pretty much everything. haha jk jk;)

  5. let me know when you start so i can see it, and what the url is;)

    woohoo im excited!!