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Monday, February 18, 2013

Love Day!

Happy Monday!!!

This past weekend was REALLY good!

Last thursday was Valentines Day! I had a blast.
My coworkers and I had been talking about who was going to receive flowers and who wasn't...I was definitely wishing/hoping I would. I have never had anyone send me flowers to my work...so I was hoping since I am engaged and all I would receive flowers. So did I?....


Of course I did...My Handsome came himself and delivered them to my job. It was the cutest thing ever! I am so grateful to have him... <3

On January 20th, at around 6:20ishh right before Sunday evening service started, my love asked me if I can meet him on platform because him and Joel wanted to speak to me and Rose....Strange, I thought but ok...When all four of us were there Joel handed Rose an envelope and Tim handed me an envelope. I thought...nail certificates to get our nails done? But to my surprise it was this....

I am lucky to be marrying such a talented graphic designer.

My honey had booked us a dinner cruise! I had always wanted to do this and I was glad that it was actually happening. I do admit I had mentioned it a couple of times as a hint...and my love had listened and made it happen. He definitely scored some major points! :] We had such a good time, dinner was enjoyable and even though it was freezing, we still got to enjoy the beautiful view of San Diego at night.
With our bestfriends: Joel and Rose Bates..and baby David.


It was such a good day...our only Valentine's day as an engaged couple...it was definitely special.

P.S.  48 days!