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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day number 2. . .

So its sunday!! Finally home after church and a very hot aftenoon at Crystals house:/ Days like these remind me of why I love winter so much. I mean if you're cold you could just pack on some clothes and blankets and you are good to go, BUT if you're HOT, besides sitting in an AC room, what else could you do? And keep in mind a lot of houses in San Diego DON'T have AC:/ ......anywho I cant wait until winter; SCARFS, HOODIES, BOOTS, JACKETS, etc...and ofcourse my bday and best of all CHRISTMAS:) yay.

Well I should get to bed pretty soon, considering the fact I have to wake up early to start the day with prayer, then I have a drug test to take for my new job! VAL if you're reading this, I know I haven't told you but I got hired at Andies Job:) I'm super excited!!! btw, I miss you, to the MAX!

OH and I might cut my hair still undecided, if I cut it I'm going to cut it short, probably shoulder length:/
yes I am so very scared, what do you think? SHORT? not short? AHHHHHH....

if I do, I will post pictures. . .


  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOO MARIA dont cut ur hair! Oh Yes i totally agree with u, this weather is HORRIBLE i'm not liking the heat!

  2. Dont cut it with out me!!OH i agree too i hate the heat i luv the cold, but it makes me lazy

  3. When I wear OUR scarf, I'll think of you! And dont cut your hair!

  4. sorry guys, i CUT it!!! and yes, its short...pictures will be coming soon!!

  5. You did!? did i miss it? i could've sworn your hair looked the SAME :O
    ..O & I laughed out loud when i read how you wished it was winter cuz all you have to do is bundle.. must throw my 25cents in there..I ALWAYS say that in every season hehe! i remember last winter i said I CANT wait til its warm.. can u believe i used to go outside an try and find the warm spot!? aaagH! yes i have some malfunctioning things going on :)
    && y am i not seeing this story u told me u were going to write?! hm?

  6. hehehe, im working on it riiight NOW:) lol you are too funny!

    and warm spot? really??? yea you definitl are missing some screws:D lol