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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Two Years...

Good Morning! 
Wow, where to start...it has been TWO YEARS since I have written in this blog....I do wish I could change the title, but I haven't figured out a way on how to. 
I was reading my old post this morning, and it is amazing how many things have changed in these two years. 
So let me update you on what is new in my life....(for those of you who still read).

1. I am now 24 years old. (In Julian, CA celebrating my bday)

                                            2. I started dating a wonderful guy named Tim!

                                               3. I am now engaged to guy I started dating! (Dec. 4th)

                                   4. I got a new job (this is my workspace decorated for my bday)

                                          5. I am now an aunt to twins. (R: Hemma, L:Sophie)

So these are only a few updates, there are so many! But I thank God that he is the same yesterday, today, and forever...!!! Such a wonderful promise, that even when things in your life might change, whether good or bad, God remains the same!

There are two main reasons why I started writing again... 1. Because I am now engaged and I told my beautiful Friend Keelee who is now pioneering with her Husband in Lakewood, CA that I would start blogging so she could be in the loop. I miss you so very much and even if I am horrible at calling, just know that my love for you still remains, you have been such an encouragement to my life. I so wish you were still here so you can join me and help me in this new adventure...BUT I remind myself you are doing the will of God and that brings so much Joy in my heart. I know your prayers for me don't stop, so thank you for that!
2. I have been so encouraged by reading: blondestrands.blogspot.com READ it when you have a chance.
She is such an amazing writer! And so, I was motivated to start writing again. (even if I'm not that good).

Well I hope this put most of you in the loop again! Until next time!!