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Monday, February 18, 2013

Love Day!

Happy Monday!!!

This past weekend was REALLY good!

Last thursday was Valentines Day! I had a blast.
My coworkers and I had been talking about who was going to receive flowers and who wasn't...I was definitely wishing/hoping I would. I have never had anyone send me flowers to my work...so I was hoping since I am engaged and all I would receive flowers. So did I?....


Of course I did...My Handsome came himself and delivered them to my job. It was the cutest thing ever! I am so grateful to have him... <3

On January 20th, at around 6:20ishh right before Sunday evening service started, my love asked me if I can meet him on platform because him and Joel wanted to speak to me and Rose....Strange, I thought but ok...When all four of us were there Joel handed Rose an envelope and Tim handed me an envelope. I thought...nail certificates to get our nails done? But to my surprise it was this....

I am lucky to be marrying such a talented graphic designer.

My honey had booked us a dinner cruise! I had always wanted to do this and I was glad that it was actually happening. I do admit I had mentioned it a couple of times as a hint...and my love had listened and made it happen. He definitely scored some major points! :] We had such a good time, dinner was enjoyable and even though it was freezing, we still got to enjoy the beautiful view of San Diego at night.
With our bestfriends: Joel and Rose Bates..and baby David.


It was such a good day...our only Valentine's day as an engaged couple...it was definitely special.

P.S.  48 days!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Almighty King!

Isn't gorgeous?!!

So another thing is marked off on the checklist....The HONEYMOON! :)

By far it is the thing I am most excited about...

So before I tell you where we are going.....I have to give you a background on how we went about choosing where to go. My lovely Fiance and I had made a deal...The deal consisted that...he chose the wedding date and I got to choose where we went for the honeymoon! Isn't that a great deal? I think so!

So even before we were engaged I had already been thinking of where I wanted to go, well I mainly knew where I did NOT want to go. I wanted to do something different, but not too different. Ha! Oh and I wanted to go somewhere that was US Territory....Sooo, with that said and the picture above...any guesses?

Hawaii? Puerto Rico? San Diego? LOL none of these....so drum roll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

We are going to....

The US Virgin Islands!!!

I am sooo excited! and he is too! We found an all inclusive deal on Living social so we took advantage of it. We are only staying 3 nights, BUT we are coming back and hitting up disneyland for 2 days!

I am so thrilled and excited.

That is not the best news yet....

We serve and Almighty, Most powerful King...!
If you have ever planned a wedding before, you know that it is not only time consuming but money consuming also. I wanted to share an amazing testimony of what God did yesterday.

So I get a text from my love saying " You're not going to believe this...." then sends me another one saying " you're really not" So I respond asking what, and as I am anxiously waiting for his reply, everything is going through my mind.... E V E R Y T H I N G!
and so finally I get his response....
"My boss is going to pay for our flights....I'm not even kidding"

My jaw immediatly dropped. I honestly did not believe it...I even text him back asking "are you sure you're not kidding?" LOL But he wasn't. I should have known that the God I serve is capable of this and more. I never thought something like this would happen. But God knew/ knows our needs. And though I am not perfect and still stress...I know that in the end, the creator of the heavens and the earth, holds my life in His hand.

So why stress?

That is so convicting...why do we stress? why the unbelief? if we serve the one who makes the impossible, POSSIBLE.

With that said, If you are reading this and you don't serve him...what are you waiting for?

Thursday, January 17, 2013

80 Days..

In 2 months and 21 days from today I will be married!

It is crazy how fast time flies....So it has been over a month since I have written...SORRY.
But in my defense...it was busy...with the holidays, christmas play practice, work, christmas parties...blah blah blah.

So now, as I am on my lunch...I am going to try and write really quick to update you guys.

1.) Holidays were wonderful! I was really blessed this year!

2.) We took our enagement pictures:
I love love love this one!
We both love this one!

look into my eyes...ha!
There are so many more I would like to share...but I don't have time!

Also our save the dates are supposed to be here tomorrow I hope...! Then we will mail.

3.) I got my dress....and yes I fell in love with it when I first put it on! It was totally not what I expected or what I had in mind to get but I sure do love it...In the words of my sister is "Like the mermaid meets princess look"

So until next time.!

Oh P.S.... 6 days until My hadsome's bday and 11days until my wonderful Keelee's bday!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Two Years...

Good Morning! 
Wow, where to start...it has been TWO YEARS since I have written in this blog....I do wish I could change the title, but I haven't figured out a way on how to. 
I was reading my old post this morning, and it is amazing how many things have changed in these two years. 
So let me update you on what is new in my life....(for those of you who still read).

1. I am now 24 years old. (In Julian, CA celebrating my bday)

                                            2. I started dating a wonderful guy named Tim!

                                               3. I am now engaged to guy I started dating! (Dec. 4th)

                                   4. I got a new job (this is my workspace decorated for my bday)

                                          5. I am now an aunt to twins. (R: Hemma, L:Sophie)

So these are only a few updates, there are so many! But I thank God that he is the same yesterday, today, and forever...!!! Such a wonderful promise, that even when things in your life might change, whether good or bad, God remains the same!

There are two main reasons why I started writing again... 1. Because I am now engaged and I told my beautiful Friend Keelee who is now pioneering with her Husband in Lakewood, CA that I would start blogging so she could be in the loop. I miss you so very much and even if I am horrible at calling, just know that my love for you still remains, you have been such an encouragement to my life. I so wish you were still here so you can join me and help me in this new adventure...BUT I remind myself you are doing the will of God and that brings so much Joy in my heart. I know your prayers for me don't stop, so thank you for that!
2. I have been so encouraged by reading: blondestrands.blogspot.com READ it when you have a chance.
She is such an amazing writer! And so, I was motivated to start writing again. (even if I'm not that good).

Well I hope this put most of you in the loop again! Until next time!!


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Can you say, "Worst Blogger Ever?"

I think you can!!!! haha, ok so i think my last post was in august?!!!  i know so bad, BUT i do have a good excuse.. ..no internet. i know LAME! but we currently have absolutely no internet, and you really dont realize how much you use it until its gone:/  But its okay, I've been really busdy with work and church. Sooo I have to give u guys an update of whats been going on, if you guys still read my blog. hahaha.

Anywho, we had an amazing revival with Mike Gomez, i had never heard him preach but he is definitely very good, and Anointed!!! timely words service after service:)) after that we had the California Conquest which was also very very Good, with one of my favorites P.LAMB!!! if you didnt go, you definitely missed out.!
He talked about being the light of this world, and i know we have all heardthat portion of scripture but the way he preached it was so so so Good:) and Then, we had impact to Santee, which was very HOT! and i only went the first half because i had to join my friend Ashley Martinez, in her farewell party. Whatcan i say, it was definitely very very sad. Gonna miss her so much; shes so crazyyy!! Man we had some fun times in Prescott:) But she knows im praying for her,and I cant wait to see what God has in store for her and her hubby!

Oh, and most recently, i did my hair....AGAIN!! ha, my friend did some peekaboos:) which are kinda like highlightsbut only on the bottomhalf, you cant really see them unless im in the sun/light but it ivesmy hair contrast, so they say...haha. but yea nothing crazyyy! lol and tonight was revivalwith pastor Bucholzz, amazing!!! WE NEED TO PUT SOME ZEROS BEHIND GOD!!!! so sotrue, weneed to understand how great he is:) and this thursday and friday is the rallyyy!!!woohooo:))

anywho,you might ask, where is she? if she doesnt have internet at her house?!!! lol
well sadly but truly i am a single girl haha and so i constantly get asked to babysit:) so I do! haha im babysitting the greenfields kids! haha, anywho i should really get off now! but it was nice writing again;)

until next time...

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Sooooo, ive been wanting to do a blog about hair, well MY hair! if you know me at all you know I am so very GREATFUL for my hurrr! lol so this blog is about my hair!

So as a little girl my hair was curly, not super curly but like curled at the ends(i wish i had a scanner to scan pictures when i was little oh well!)....

As I started gettin older, like middle school age, my hair was really really curly. At the time I didnt appreciate it. I guess its all a part of  being a teen.

This picture was actually taken already in HS, but I believe I was a freshman, so this is how my hair looked like pretty much in middle school:/ I know, I know, I definitely look different. And prepare to be shocked at the rest of the pics:)

and this curly. . .

and so this is also what my hair looked like when I started HS.

Then I started straightening my hair, which I thank God for Flat Irons!!
so my hair was starting to look a lot like this. . .

and then, came the time that my hair was the most beautiful:
I so miss my hair, this was at the middle/end of my junior year!
P.S. if you have long hair, keep it long! (ADRI and VICTORIA!)

So after this, disaster came. By far the worst time in my hair history. . .

So my toward the end of my senior year I wanted a new haircut. Still long, but just different...I was thinking LAYERS. So I decided to go to the JCpenny salon, decent right??? not in my case. They absolutely ruined my hair. I had asked for layers and I got this:
Super Short!!!! and though it doesnt really seem bad, I hated it.
I said "hey, my hair is really short why not dye it. Not just one color but something different?" and thats where I went wrong:/ I decided to get a dark red to mix with my black hair, sounds good right? well it did but the lady that did it, did a BRIGHT red!!!! So bright you could see a Hot pink:/ my dad almost killed me! So as everyone knows Red doesnt really stay in, so I washed my hair about 4 times a day! and because they had bleached it i was scared to dye it black again:/ So now this is what my hair looked like:

Keep in mind, I had kinda fixed my hair so it didnt look THAT bad.

So ofcourse I couldnt graduate looking like this, sooooo I finally decided to dye it black. So for graduation and gradnight I had it black:)



and this picture has absolutely nothing to do with my hair but I love it:)

OKAY, so after this my hair went from always being black to orange to RED. I was like the mexican MERMAID. not cute. Unfortunately all the pictures I have to prove this are at mi casa. So if you ever come over, ask to see them(if you're interested) hehe.
So nowwww, my hair has gone through many different hairstyles. Here are some:

Love this picture:


straight and emo looking, ha:

not too short, but hair color drained:/

and now. . .my newest:


Monday, August 30, 2010


So I think you all know what Viernes means, but if you dont it means FRIDAY! :)

Friday was my first day of work!!! As I said in the previous blog, i got a new job. I was obviously very very nervous. I personally hate feeling lost, notknowing what im doing. And anybody whos had a job knows that the first day you are pretty much clueless. So my job only allows licensed proffesionals to shop. Which is a good thing, but also intimidating. I'm not a certified stylist, i havent gone o school for it; though its one of my goals. So the customers would come in knowing what they needed but wanting to know what is better. We are owned by L'oreal:) We dont carry just regular hair product you'd see at Walmart or Target, or even your regular beauty supply store. So it was definitely itimidating!!! But with God on my side Im sure I'll get it soon!! So I have work again on wednesday which I'm super excited about, we shall see how it goes. By the way, the was the only important part of my weekend. Blah....I wasnt able to make it to the conquest friday or the impact team on saturday, which absolutely sucked. Sunday was really good though. Unfortunately, the sermons are over. But man they were so good!!!!