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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


So its wednesday night, and FINALLY im writing a blog, so far it has been an amazing week!

Monday, I went to revival and man....all I can really say it was awesome! not only the preching but man there was such a tangiable presence of God!! he definitely spoke to me, CLEARLY and the crazy thing is that he told me what I need to do in order to get breakthrough, I mean so many times I pray and just ask God to move, which is good but when we ask him to move and we arent doing anything to pursue breakthrough its kinda pointless, and sadly to say I am oh so guilty of this:/ and I hate it, but my lazy flesh just fights and so many times it has won. Definitely not proud to say that. and so the statement Pastor Aulson made that was not only an encouraement but an eye opening for me:

"God blesses Personal Initiative"

and though it might seem so simple, but to me it was like he wants us to align ourselves with his will, to do what we can in order for him to move. Not just to sit around waiting for a miracle. . .Man it was just amazing!

Along with tuesday, to me, both of the sermons kinda tied in together. He talked about making the power of God present.

"Why is the reason for your miracle not happening? If we serve a Miracle God"
It all comes back to us, we can ask all we want but if we dont do align ourselves where God wants us, then more likely than not we will miss it.

and to top it off, tonight, Pastor Lloyd( my pastor) has been preaching on the 7sins God hates...out of proverbs 6:12-19 and they have been all so good! tonight was on a false witness who breathes out lies, and it was so convicting. Not to mention the fact that they all have been super convicting, but an this one he was talking about how when we leave out some of the truth in order to "save our butt"( those are my words, lol) but yea like I said some convicting stuff. All of this has made my week so amazing, nothing better than dwelling in Gods presence!!!

Today i drove to Escondido for orientation for my new job, it was funnn, but a lot of information!!!
I got a lot of work to do:) but very very exciteddd, for those that dont know im going to be working for Maly's now known as SalonCentric! and I am thrilled, if you know me even just a little you should know, doing my hair is one of my favorite things to do! and even though through the process ive damaged it, im excited to actually know the product;) and im hoping if God opens the door to go to school for it! We shall see what happens, which one of my future blogs will be all about my HAIRRRRR:)
 anywho, its getting late for a granny like me! JK but I am really tired, so im going to go, but yea looking forward to writing my next blog!!

muchhh love, maria<3


  1. I love your blog <3 Sounds like a great week so far!

  2. Thanks!!! you need to start one!! please?

  3. I want to, but I don't know what to write about.. Hmm. Also I'm still waiting for a pic of your new hair-do!!

  4. Beutiful! finally!...
    Buut im still waiting for that story..