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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Can you say, "Worst Blogger Ever?"

I think you can!!!! haha, ok so i think my last post was in august?!!!  i know so bad, BUT i do have a good excuse.. ..no internet. i know LAME! but we currently have absolutely no internet, and you really dont realize how much you use it until its gone:/  But its okay, I've been really busdy with work and church. Sooo I have to give u guys an update of whats been going on, if you guys still read my blog. hahaha.

Anywho, we had an amazing revival with Mike Gomez, i had never heard him preach but he is definitely very good, and Anointed!!! timely words service after service:)) after that we had the California Conquest which was also very very Good, with one of my favorites P.LAMB!!! if you didnt go, you definitely missed out.!
He talked about being the light of this world, and i know we have all heardthat portion of scripture but the way he preached it was so so so Good:) and Then, we had impact to Santee, which was very HOT! and i only went the first half because i had to join my friend Ashley Martinez, in her farewell party. Whatcan i say, it was definitely very very sad. Gonna miss her so much; shes so crazyyy!! Man we had some fun times in Prescott:) But she knows im praying for her,and I cant wait to see what God has in store for her and her hubby!

Oh, and most recently, i did my hair....AGAIN!! ha, my friend did some peekaboos:) which are kinda like highlightsbut only on the bottomhalf, you cant really see them unless im in the sun/light but it ivesmy hair contrast, so they say...haha. but yea nothing crazyyy! lol and tonight was revivalwith pastor Bucholzz, amazing!!! WE NEED TO PUT SOME ZEROS BEHIND GOD!!!! so sotrue, weneed to understand how great he is:) and this thursday and friday is the rallyyy!!!woohooo:))

anywho,you might ask, where is she? if she doesnt have internet at her house?!!! lol
well sadly but truly i am a single girl haha and so i constantly get asked to babysit:) so I do! haha im babysitting the greenfields kids! haha, anywho i should really get off now! but it was nice writing again;)

until next time...

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