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Thursday, January 17, 2013

80 Days..

In 2 months and 21 days from today I will be married!

It is crazy how fast time flies....So it has been over a month since I have written...SORRY.
But in my defense...it was busy...with the holidays, christmas play practice, work, christmas parties...blah blah blah.

So now, as I am on my lunch...I am going to try and write really quick to update you guys.

1.) Holidays were wonderful! I was really blessed this year!

2.) We took our enagement pictures:
I love love love this one!
We both love this one!

look into my eyes...ha!
There are so many more I would like to share...but I don't have time!

Also our save the dates are supposed to be here tomorrow I hope...! Then we will mail.

3.) I got my dress....and yes I fell in love with it when I first put it on! It was totally not what I expected or what I had in mind to get but I sure do love it...In the words of my sister is "Like the mermaid meets princess look"

So until next time.!

Oh P.S.... 6 days until My hadsome's bday and 11days until my wonderful Keelee's bday!


  1. This is too much!!! I just wanna cry everytime I see you 2 ;). I love you.... did I say I'm so excited?? Lol

  2. Oh my word!! Your engagement pictures are GORGEOUS!! You two look amazing together! :D Simply perfect. I can definitely get a feel for both of your personalities just in those pictures! :)